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European GBIF nodes meeting bioblitz

April 29, 2016

The European GBIF nodes 2016 meeting was organized in Lisbon. At the excursion after the EU Nodes meeting we made sort of a Bioblitz as a project in iNaturalist.

At the Bioblitz Wouter Koch added a picture of some butterfly larvas on Meco beach (geonames:10342405) – and was asked if he knew the name of the host plant that the larva was feeding on.

Butterfly larva reported by Wouter Koch:
dwc:occurrenceID = urn:uuid:660a49ac-0b24-11e6-81d1-0b38fd7a862e


Large white butterfly (Pieris brassicae) observed by Wouter Koch April 22 2016, CC-BY.

I added my picture of the same larvas, and of the host plant and asked the iNaturalist community for help with the host plant species name.

My observation of the same butterfly larva:
dwc:occurrenceID = urn:uuid:4e6241a0-0b20-11e6-a837-0800200c9a66

My observation of the host plant:
dwc:occurrenceID = urn:uuid:57103a50-0bbb-11e6-a837-0800200c9a66


European searocket (Cracile maritima) observed by Dag Endresen 22 April 2016, CC-BY.

Wouter and I have tried to create and use the same dwc:eventID and dwc:organismID to tie all three observations together as well as annotating the species interaction between the host plant and the butterfly larvas (using iNaturalist terms).

Same dwc:eventID for butterfly and host plant:

Butterfly dwc:organismID = urn:uuid:3ac2f3a0-0b21-11e6-a837-0800200c9a66
Host plant dwc:organismID = urn:uuid:57103a50-0bbb-11e6-a837-0800200c9a66

It could be cool if we could harvest such iNaturalist observation annotation onto the data records presented by the GBIF portal. My preferred solution would be for the GBIF portal to aggregate all information known about events identified by their dwc:eventID across any dataset published in GBIF and likewise aggregate any known information about an organism identified by an dwc:organismID.

I have also explored linking some of my iNaturalist observations from the excursion to the same picture in Flickr and machine tagging the image directly in Flickr.


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