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New temporary director at NordGen

December 5, 2010

Nordic Genetic Resources Center (NordGen)

The board of the Nordic Genetic Resources Center (NordGen) voted two weeks ago against the budget presented by NordGen. Even with the full support from the staff at the genebank, and voiced objections from the board members of Norway and Iceland, the director chose to resign last week. A new temporary director is appointed and will start next week (he is of Icelandic nationality). Some critical voices say that the budget crisis is long-time budget deficit and severe under-funding of the genebank basic operations for many years (if not to say decades). The genebank is since long, running behind on routine tests for the seed collections as well as the required regeneration to maintain the genebank collection of living seed samples.

Comment: The budget deficit has now (April 2011) been solved with extra funds made available to secure the sustainable operation of the genebank. Notice also that the contribution from NordGen to the secure operation of the Svalbard Seed Vault was NEVER affected or in jeopardy from the solved budget crisis at NordGen in 2010! The budget crisis ONLY concerned the sustainable long-term management of the Nordic genebank collection at Alnarp in the south of Sweden, and NOT other parts of the NordGen organization.

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